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Did you ever stop to think that the world you experience is actually created by your thoughts and beliefs? 

It's like your mind has built the reality you live in, influenced by your beliefs about who you are, how things work, and what you think you deserve. This version of the world is shaped by the values you've picked up along the way, as well as the cultural norms and traditions that have shaped your perspective. But, have you ever wondered if these values, norms, and traditions are still helping you in your life today?

Do you find yourself stuck in the past, reliving traumatic events or holding onto self-limiting beliefs that hold you back? Each of us is born with the potential to become the best version of ourselves, but realizing this potential often requires hard work – work that not everyone is willing to do. This work involves understanding the mental and emotional barriers that have been stopping us from reaching our full potential, and then making conscious changes to break free from those limitations.

With Tristin-Storme Coaching, you get practical tools that you can use in your daily life to help you redesign your life with purpose. Our goal is to help you envision a life you truly love.

So, what is Life Alignment Coaching all about? Life is full of ups and downs, like the rhythm of breathing in and out. Many of us are constantly striving for some kind of "balance" and often tell ourselves, "I'll be happy, calm, and empowered when I have that dream job, perfect relationship, ideal body, and so on." But the truth is, if we keep making choices based on our past actions, we're holding ourselves back from becoming a better version of ourselves every day.

In this context, "alignment" means forming a lifelong partnership with your higher purpose and actively pursuing your dreams. With our powerful coaching approach, we'll take a close look at different aspects of your life, honestly assess your current situation, and start a process we call "Dreammapping" to help you not only design a life you love but also take real, practical steps to make it your new reality.

The Metafor-Life Coaching Model is effective for several reasons:

Tristin-Storme Coaching is a dynamic and innovative fusion of Neuro semantics; NLP (Neuro linguistic programing); Symbolic Modeling;  Hypnosis , EFT ,Personality Profiling  and many other transformational coaching tools.

Take a moment to reflect on these questions:

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Tristin-Storme embarked on her journey of self-healing from an early age. Despite being told by doctors that she would have to live with chronic asthma, she defied those expectations. This experience led her to recognize a profound connection between one's thoughts and beliefs and their impact on our lives. This realization ignited a deep passion within her to explore the power of transforming our mental framework to profoundly alter our perception of the world.

In pursuit of this understanding, she devoted herself to studying various disciplines, seeking the most effective tools to bring about lasting changes within the human psyche and consequently influence our physical well-being. Her quest for knowledge initially took her into the realms of metaphysics, where she earned a 2-year diploma from Metavarsity. However, her hunger for a deeper comprehension of these matters led her into the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Somatic Therapy (through the Institution of Applied Psychology), and Hypnosis (accredited by the South African Institute of Hypnotherapy).

As she delved further into these subjects, she developed a fresh perspective on the intricate connections between the mind, body, and soul. She augmented her toolkit with Neuro-sematics, which delves into how we shape our world through the meanings we ascribe to it. Going even deeper, she began exploring our inner metaphors through a practice known as symbolic modeling, also referred to as clean language.

Over the past decade, she has skillfully woven together these diverse tools, combining them with body awareness to create what is now known as the Metaforlife Model.

"One Great Question Can Change Your Life"

You already contain all the answers you are looking for. You just need to know how to access them. My role is to facilitate your process by asking questions that will allow you to begin questioning your own limiting beliefs. You are the meaning maker and often we give our experiences meanings that don’t serve us. I act as a tour guide through the jungle of your internal metaphors and beliefs. Together we reconnect answers with questions.