The "Selves" Series

Parent Your Inner Child

We all have many parts of ourselves and we can feel inner conflict when these parts cant seem to work together. Do you know that feeling where you "SHOULD" be doing something but you find yourself procrastinating or self sabotaging? That feeling of confusion or in "two minds", can be really draining and often leads to external conflict with our partners and even our children.

This workshop creates a safe space for you to meet your inner child and learn to work with them. When we develop a healthy relationship between our inner child and inner adult we are more efficient and generally more joyful.

Who is the adult?

The adult is the part of you that is responsible, grounded, and clear. Your adult takes responsibility, steps up to the plate, and knows no fear. It's the part of you that needs to reassure and work with your child. It's also the part that can be quite mean and strict sometimes.

Who is the inner child?

The child part of you is the innocent, joyful, creative, and wonderful part of your being that brings laughter and joy to yourself and others. That part of you is unconditional and loving. It's also the part of you that gets fearful, can feel unsafe, and needs validation. It's the part that can have extreme emotional reactions to things and get lost in preferred states of being.

This workshop is for you, if:

- You struggle to connect and struggle to love yourself consistently

- You are deeply triggered by things that don't seem that rational

- You want to have more focus and productively but also allow for more fun in your life

- You are ready to become more conscious of your own thoughts and emotions

- If you are a parent that finds it challenging to play or really focus on your children in the way that maybe you have never known

- If you struggled with childhood trauma that is now coming up in your relationships and you are wanting to work through it

- You are reactive and then end up feeling super guilty.

- You feel alone and are wanting to connect with other like minded families.

This 2 hr workshop will take you on a journey to meet these parts of yourself and give you some tools to navigate the relationship in the most resourceful way.

I look forward to meeting you and facilitating your meeting of self.

Direct Your Inner Critic

Are you tired of being bullied by that voice inside your head. Yeah that one that keeps telling you all kinds of BS. Well, check out this online mini workshop...

Who is the inner critic?

"Inner critic" refers to the inner voice that judges, criticises, or demeans us. An overactive inner critic can take a toll on one's emotional wellbeing and self-esteem.

In this mini workshop we will:

- Learn to identify the inner critic

- Take a look at some limiting self beliefs

- Gain insight on the emotions linked to the inner critic

- Gain tools and tips to work WITH our inner critics

What will this give you:

- A deeper trust in yourself

- The ability to make clear decisions

- A greater feeling of comfort in your mind and body

- More energy to do what you love

Outsmart Your Inner Saboteurs 

Do you feel unable to achieve your goals in spite of all your best efforts? Do you feel stuck in the doldrums of procrastination; unable to drum up the energy or determination to act!? Do you constantly find yourself holding off on sharing your creations, with the voice in your head telling you: “It’s not perfect yet – if it’s not perfect then it isn’t finished”. On the path between you and action, do you see/hear/feel the myriad excuses that simply cannot be overcome?

A “YES” to any of these may mean that you are unconsciously sabotaging yourself.

If you are adamant to achieve your goals and lack only the action to do so, then you’ll need to learn how to OUTSMART YOUR INNER SABOTEURS.

The Inner Saboteurs are the patterns and/or habits of our thinking and behavior that deliberately disrupt, delay or dismantle our efforts on the path to success. They are programs of our personality that are (usually) developed in childhood. Left unchecked and unexplored, these stealthy shadow-selves will always ensure that we never succeed or grow.

Through guidance and minor shifts in perspective, you will be able to disarm, charm, and change your Inner Saboteurs. In the mini-workshop, OUTSMART YOUR INNER SABOTEURS, you will learn to transform these wayward programs to work FOR you and not against you.

In this mini-workshop you will:

- Learn to identify your Inner Saboteurs

- Identify your limiting beliefs

- Develop clarity of your values, boundaries, and your personal “WHY”

- Gain tools and tips to recognize and reverse self-destructive programs

What will this give you:

- A deeper trust in yourself

- The ability to make clear decisions and move towards your dreams

- The tools to easily tap into your more resourceful states

- A better and more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others

- A greater feeling of comfort in your mind and body

- More energy to do what you love