Welcome Mama Bear...

I am so glad you have found your way here. The voyage into motherhood can be overwhelming and in our modern world often very disempowering. I believe birthing to be a sacred initiation, a right of passage and with the aligned preparation can be the most EMPOWERING experience of your life. You are here because you have been called to birth your baby in the way that women have been doing since the dawn of time and you are more than capable of doing so. I have had two profound birthing experiences, both unmedicated waterbirths, after being told that not only could I not conceive but that natural birth was too " dangerous". I wish for every woman to experience the magnitude of natural birth because in it she discovers not only her immense power but also herself.

I have designed this program to guide you through the process of calling in your sacred birthing experience. We will clear away the blocks and open you up to allow source to flow through you and deliver your baby into your arms.

Odyssey Overview 

Session 1: Devine Mapping

-Mapping your highest intent for your birthing experience

-Facing fears and learning to embrace the paradox

-Meeting your child's soul essence

- This session is 1 1/2 hrs

Session 2: Nourished

Healing the mother wound

-Explore and clear potential trauma blocks

-Sacred cord-cutting ceremony

-Clearing of emotion associated with mother using timeline therapy process

Session 3: Protected

Healing the father wound

-Exploring and clearing potential trauma blocks in the body

-Learning to create safety in the body

-Learning to step out of the masculine in order to truly surrender

-Clearing of emotion associated with Father using timeline therapy

Session 4: Embodying the Sacred Mother

-Loving your Inner child

-Building the maternal state of being

-Releasing the previous versions

-Reframing responsibility

Session 5: Becoming The Conduit

-Breathwork techniques

-Position exploration

-Practical preparation

-Q&A talking it through birth and beyond

-Guided Process of your personalized hypnotic proces

Session 6: The After Birth

-Processing the birth experience

-Breastfeeding support 

-Emotional check in

Birthing Induction 

Recorded guided hypnotic induction that is customized to your personal metaphors and symbols with a hang drum backing track (15 mins)

   Self study 

The sacred birthing self-study journey workbook

Guided exercises to help you go deep

Bespoke 1-to-1 coaching 

5 1/2 hrs of 1-to-coaching

sessions can be done weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on how far into your pregnancy you are.

Whatsapp support

& Resources

Access to Q& A and Resource library