Clients Praises

Here from those who look the leap into the Unknown and discovered more of themselves...

Katherine Dünhofen- Course developer/ Coach 

"Tristin-Storme is an empathetic, insightful, and highly-skilled life coach. She is able to guide others to have big realizations and in doing so, she helps them to shift their limiting beliefs. It's an absolute pleasure to work with someone who is able to listen, observe, and reflect so accurately and lovingly."

Alejandra Galleguillos - Performer 

"Tristin's alignment program is been an incredible experience. I've been doing therapy with her for a while before the creation of this program, and I am impressed with how well designed and effective this is. Every module has taught me important insights about myself and brought me some life changing realisations. The process can be very challenging and emotionally exhausting, so the fact that we are part of a group is really helpful to realise that you are not alone, and other people can relate to your feelings. Being part of other people's process gives me the perspective I need to make it easier to understand the puzzle of our emotions.

I would recommend this to anyone willing to take their personal growth to a whole other level or even to someone who never really tried therapy before but feels ready to become the best version of themselves."

Sonja S-K Di-Aping- Fashion Designer 

"My journey with Tristin started a few years ago. She is simply the best coach! She is empathetic, challenging, has wonderful energy and absolutely believes in your ability to do what you set your heart to. And she is there to guide and make you think every step of the way. I recently joined her LIFE ALIGNED course, a 16-week programme that has been eye opening and life changing. I recommend this to anyone who wants to invest in their personal growth, or might be feeling stuck or going through a difficult time. It is amazing to be guided through your default settings and their origins, and coming out on the other end with a new awareness and the ability and wish to choose differently and design the life you want to live. Definitely do this!"

Sandra velazquez- Actress

"I have been doing therapy with Tristin since September and It is amazing how my life has changed. Her sessions are a magic trip. I highly recommend her."

Heidi M - Actress and teacher

"Tristin has the wonderful ability to focus directly on the area of one's life that needs improvement. Her approach is gentle, yet professional. I can highly recommend Tristin's coaching services. She certainly helped steer me in the right direction."