This program facilitates sustainable and accessible change in ALL areas of your life. It gives you the keys to be able to unlock the highest version of yourself by rewriting your default settings and designing a life that you absolutely LOVE.

The LIFE ALIGNED Program provides you with an effortless and simple strategy that allows you to flex your dream muscles and methodically set your goals in motion. In this program, you’ll learn how to take aligned action toward your aspirations. We show you how to take daily, weekly, and monthly steps that will transport you into your desired life.

We have combined the top scientific strategies for habit forming with our signature blend of powerful transformation techniques that allow you to be healing and expanding simultaneously.

This Program will assist you to:








What you will get:

Live in Alignment with your goals starting TODAY!

★ Clear the 5 major emotions that keep us stuck and gain deep lasting insights

★ Self-observation techniques and create daily habits with the “Aligned Self Study

Planner 2022.”

★ Create a personalized Life Movie of your dreams and goals. By creating and

watching your Life Movie, you prime your subconscious to move you towards your


★ Use NLP techniques to create and anchor different states of being that help you to

FEEL in alignment with where you want to be.

★ Explore your LIFE ALIGNED Personal Profile with insights into your Human Design

Profile, Myers Briggs Personality Profile, Ayurvedic Dosha Type, Numerology

Profile, and Self Saboteur Profile.

★ Access our extensive Resource Library. Designed for techies or technophobes,

Program modules are uploaded weekly. The shared resource library allows you to

go as deep as you like.

★ Access our supportive community. Nothing integrates change more than

accountability and community support.

★ And so much more

What to expect: 

○ 1.5 hours of 1-on-1 coaching ( Total of 12 hrs of customized 1-1 coaching) 

○ 1.5 hours group coaching ( Total of 12 hrs of powerful group coaching) 

○ 3 - 5 hours of guided self-study per week 

User friendly Platform with reminders

Community Whatsapp group to stay inspired 

To make lifelong connections and stay accountable

To come out of this experience a new version of you 

Bespoke 1-on-1 Coaching with our resident Master Coach. These sessions will focus on

clearing blocks, negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs creating space for the

new YOU.

Group Coaching Sessions with our Phenomenal Coaching Team + Expert Guest Speakers .

These sessions will give you powerful tools and proven strategies to help you get super

clear on what you want to create more of in your life.

The self-study component will help you dive into self-observation and create consistent

daily habits. There is an online or printable PDF version available to suit your learning


Loads of Fun and Support with an amazing community and a compatible accountability


*If we can’t make 3 hrs a week to work on our dreams, how can we expect them to come true?

How do I take action?

Apply here to be selected for this transformative experience.

Full amount, up front

Save 20%

R22,500 / $1,400

4 Month payment plan

R6,300 / month

$400 / month

6 Month payment plan*

R4,700 / month

$300 / month

*Only receive bonus gifts once all payments

have been made.

Do it with a friend/partner

R17,250 each, once-off

$1,100 once-off

Group + self-study only**

R10,500 once-off

$650 once-off

***Payment plans available. Please ask!