What Is Life Alignment Coaching

For most people, life happens as if by accident, as if they have no say in the shape and meaning of it. 

This is your story, You are the author.

What role have you given yourself to play? Are you the hero or the villain? These roles can be prisons from which only the proactively self-aware can escape. And, in this sense, escape means transformation. So this then would be a transformation through self-recreation. This brings us to the Metaphor-life coaching method. The word “Meta” comes from the ancient Greek words for “after” or “beyond”. It has grown to mean “change” or “alteration” means self is self-awareness and looks at transcending limiting beliefs to free us from our self-imposed prisons.

Metaphor-life is a collaborative coaching approach that leads to conscious and complete transformation. In its deepest sense, the word means to choose to form the other side, to start creating where you are going. Artists speak of the creative process as a leap of faith, where you build the wings on the way down. The Metaphor-life approach asks you to consider that the difference between the reality of the one who falls, as opposed to that of the one who flies, is all up to perspective. You are capable of viewing your life and yourself as an artist would be a potential work of art. If you take the leap of faith with me, I will help you spread those eager wings.

What Is Life Alignment Coaching?

Life is an Ebb and Flow, it's an inhale and exhale. We are all striving for this illusive BALANCE and living for the "when". 

"When I have that Job, Relationship, body... then i'll be happy, calm, empowered.

Why the Metafor-Life Coaching Model is so powerful:

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