You already contain all the answers you are looking for. You just need to know how to access them. 

My role is to facilitate your process by asking questions that will allow you to begin questioning your own limiting beliefs. You are the meaning maker and often we give meaning to our experiences that don’t serve us well. 

I act as a tour guide through the jungle of your internal metaphors and beliefs. Together we reconnect answers with questions.

I was where you are…

My journey began at a young age when I was diagnosed with chronic Asthma. Doctors told me I would suffer from this condition for the rest of my life. That’s when I asked myself about the connection between the mind and the body. I came to learn that what we think and believe influences how we live and experience the world. The doctors made a claim about what my life would be. I made a different choice. Today I continue to live that choice, free from the chains of chronic asthma.

It was this and other profound life experiences that led me to dedicate myself to studying the human psyche in all its manifestations and the power it has in shaping our lives. I completed a 2 YEAR DIPLOMA IN METAPHYSICS (Metavarsity) which revealed theories for an alternative perspective of our shared reality. I was unsatisfied with the vague and, perhaps, not-so-ultimately useful answers that metaphysics espoused so I continued my studies in what I found to be truly, powerfully, practical approaches to healing and empowering the personal paradigm of the mind. I went on to complete courses in NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING, SOMATIC THERAPY (institution of applied psychology) & HYPNOSIS (South African Institute of hypnotherapy).I am a certified Life /Wellness Coach and have developed my own powerful holistic healing modality called the Metafor Life Coaching Model.  I draw from ancient Ayurvedic Medicine, natural medicine, breathwork and EFT to assist the physical body to vibrate at optimal levels. I 

This exciting blend of perspectives and training methods has helped formulate my unique understanding of how the mind, body, and soul are interconnected. I have spent the past decade weaving these tools together along with carefully designed exercises in body awareness to form the Metafor-life model. This is my purpose: to help you construct a meaningful life. I want to offer you expert coaching in creating the best way towards the life you truly want to live.


Tristin works collaboratively with you in a way that is powerful and empowering. She doesn’t merely give you answers, she helps you draw your own map.

–Elisha, New York

Tristin is bringing with each session my power back to my life in the most magical and consistent way. I’m 31 and have had a heart attack and been diagnosed with a heart disease that doctors say is incurable. I’ve had anxiety, my every day has been really difficult for the past 18 months, from the beginning of this heart journey I’ve been through other therapies that didn’t really see the human being I am and would prescribe medications that didn’t work for me, left me separated from myself. Tristin really sees me, therefore she can access places others haven’t been able to and I couldn’t be more grateful she’s in my life. I feel excited about life, powerful in my body and I’m no longer feeling conditioned by my disease as I was feeling before. She has shared with me very powerful tools and mechanisms adapted to my personal truth to activate a healing process that is really working. Thank you, Tristin.

–Celia, Spain

If you are interested to actually save your life in a practical way then I would recommend Tristin. Tristin is gentle, knowledgeable, resourceful and above all effective in her love for her clients. She has honestly contributed to saving my life and guiding me towards my intended light.

-Alida, South Africa

Tristin with her gracious nature has led me through a very difficult time in my life. The reason I say lead is that she went through similar experiences herself, so her practice comes from the heart and not only nurtures but sustains as well…I stood 6 months after the first session in exactly the picture I painted after our induction, and the knew for sure the power of this information.

-Louise South Africa 

Sessions with Tristin are magical! She just has this positive and calming energy that you instantly feel! In just a short amount of time, you can already feel the transformation happening just by being aware!

–Cornelia Viljoen, South Africa

What a lovely, passionate spirit. Tristin has an air of positivity and zest for life that is truly infectious. Her attitude can turn any situation into an opportunity for wellness and growth. Her ability to balance work, family, healthy living, and play is constantly an inspiration to me. With an example of self-love and true determination, Tristin is able to help many people overcome a variety of setbacks to become the greatest version of themselves. Thank you, T!

–David Lightbody, London

My sessions with you are always profound. The experience for me is like having an open conversation with someone but in that conversation/session you observe and open up certain things inside that person via questions and or visualizations to bring it to their awareness in a nurturing space it’s a powerful yet gentle journey that I would recommend for anyone.

–Leigh Ramsden, South Africa

So I was having a conversation in my head earlier. And I noticed how I’d been choosing positive ways of saying things, where it could’ve been the other way. So I was reminded of you. Just wanted to say thank you for being such a positive influence on my being. Right down to the way my mind works.

–Duncan Greenwood, South Africa